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VIP guest at Deogarh Mahal on 8 Dec 2014.

We had a VIP guest at Deogarh on 8 Dec 2014. Mt Thomas J. Sargent An American ecomomist,specialising in the fields of macroeconomics,monetary economics and time series economics.he was awarded with Nobel Prize in Economics in 2011 with Christopher A.Sims for their empirical research on casue and effect in the macroeconomy. He wrote in Deogarh […]

Blog Post by Ramona Arena

BLOG POST BY RAMONA ARENA Welcome to Deogarh. One narrow street full of cars, people, bikes, dogs, cows and mini tempos with shops lining either side, leads me to my destination. The most vibrant colors burst around and above me. It instantly brought a smile to my face. As I observed all of this and […]