DeogarhMahal  ”Abode of Gods” —

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Access ::

Deogarh is located 135 kms North East of Udaipur and 180 Kms South Eest of Jodhpur.

Connectivity :

Nearest airport is Udaipur, 150 kms. Udaipur is well connected with Delhi &Mumbai.
Nearest Railhead is Udaipur & Ajmer .(both are equidistant from Deogarh )
Airport transfers from Jodhpur/Udaipur / Ajmer : (On charge basis)
Coaches (Deluxe coach (2×2) and smaller vehicles – Innovas & Indigo can be organised locally from Jodhpur/Udaipur. (On charge basis)

Deogarh Mahal  :

Deogarh Mahal is a heritage hotel that has its Royal character embedded into it. The Mahal has 55 rooms and each room has a distinct identity and treasures a history behind it. Every room has different themes, character and a name.

At Deogarh we have three locations – Mahal, Khayyam and Fort Seengh Sagar. Khayyam has 16 luxury swiss camps (permanent) and Seengh Sagar has four exclusive suites. These three locations are 5 kms / 15 min drive from each other. so collective inventory is 75 Double rooms.

Cost towards  Accommodation:

a.    A package rate of Rs. 3600/- per person per night on cpai basis at Mahal & Khayyam (i.e INR 7200 per room with breakfast,per night
b.    A package rate of Rs. 4600/- per person pernight on cpai at Fort Seengh Sagar ( i.e INR 9200 per room with breakfast ,per night )

Event / banquet location:
A.    At Deogarh Mahal:-

Outdoor locations:
1.    Main Court yard    : 250 pax with seating of approx 100
2.    Rear court yard     : 100 pax  with seating of 45
3.    Royal Terrace        : for sit down dinner  ( 200 + pax)
Indoor location:
1.    Chandra mahal – restaurant ( 100 cover restaurant )
2.    Surya Mahal – an Ala carte – restaurant ( 35 cover  restaurant )

B.    At Khayyam
1.    Polo ground   ( customisted for Min 100  Max 500 pax )
2.    Dinning camp ( 100  covers )
3.    Open area   : 5 acres of land around Khayyam .

C.    At Fort Seengh Sagar

1.    Open area around lake opposite the Fort

We provide internal transfers in open vehicles between the locations during the event.
Food and Beverages  ::

Lunch & Dinner  ::

The standard menu for lunch & dinner is 3 veg  & 2 non veg dishes, with other assortments like rice dish, curd dish,  salads, assorted Indian breads, 02 desserts. The same can be further enhanced as per requirement. The base Lunch/Dinner rate is Rs. 650/- per person at Mahal.
Additional main course dishes – veg @ Rs. 150/- per person and non-veg dish@ Rs. 225/- per person, dessert @ Rs. 75/- per person.


Evening Snacks – tea snacks (02 veg) @ Rs. 175 per person.
Cocktail snacks (02 veg & 02 non veg) @ 475/- per person. (two hours serving).
Additional cocktail snack – veg @ Rs. 100/- per person and non-veg @Rs.150/- per person. (choices as per menu )

Theme Dinners

Dinner themes – Chowki dinner – typical Rajasthanimenu, low seating “chowki” dinner with silver ware serving @ Rs. 2700/- per person.
Royal Dessert Dinner at Khayyam  – folk artist -song & dance performances @ Rs. 2500/- per person . (include basic setup and food)
Lake side Dinner at Seengh Sagar  – cost depends purely on decor.

Airport transfers can be provided as per guests flight schedule (On charge basis)

At Mahal, Khayyam and Seengh Sagar.  Decoration is subjective and the cost depends on the theme chosen. (On charge basis)


For events like Sangeet – – Uptan, Mehandi ,Bangle Bazar , etc.
For Barat  – details like Bagghi / elephant, royal procession, vintage car, Band, Pundits / purohit, Puja accessories, Mandap,etc. and Bar setup  and bar hostess, evening blasts (event), and firework. And other event detailing can be taken at a later stage of discussion and extra cost for the same can be arrived at.